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The United World Colleges Committee (India) promotes the United World Colleges in India and selects students to attend the United World Colleges worldwide. We also actively raise funds to enhance the scholarship provision and to complement the assistance offered by the Colleges in the country.

If you are an Indian planning to apply to any United World College across the world, then you need to apply through the National Committee of India.

- Download the Akshara 2008 Report (PDF, 165 Kb)
- The Governing Board of the UWC Committee, India
- Contact the UWC Committee, India

Admissions Forms for UWC Selections 2015 will be available till 13th February 2015.
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Important Announcement
The deadline to procure an application form for all UWCs has been extended to 13th February 2015. Also, the last date for the submission of application forms for overseas UWCs as well as UWC Mahindra College is now 13th February 2015.

Please Note: The fees of the Mahindra UWC is INR 17,00,000/- per year.

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